Saturday Adventure: Anniversary Style!

Alex and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 22nd of August, woot!!  It honestly feels like just yesterday we were planning our wedding and the tedious details that made the whole day come together.  We had one of those weddings that went off without a hitch.  The vendors were amazing, the weather was perfect, and the day was so filled with love that if I could have a magic button, I would go back to that day if I ever needed a warm and fuzzy moment.

But just as important as your actual wedding is the way you celebrate one another as a husband & wife.  We are a team.  Sometimes we are on the bench, sometimes we are the star players and sometimes we are the guys in the locker room cleaning up after a big victory.  We have been together for 8 years.  And a certain point, you just jive and know each other without needing words.  And even though I LOVE to talk, the silent cues to one another are the BEST!

These years together have made me such a better person.  A day hasn’t gone by in our marriage that we haven’t kissed each other good morning, said ‘I Love You’ before bed or gave a ‘Have a good day’ hug before we start our days.  Life gets so busy and chaotic and nothing matters as much as a marriage.  Words can’t describe how I feel when I think of Alex.  He is my best friend, my motivator, my rock.  Each and every time I am at a wedding and the vows are being said, I have a flash back at my wedding day and my eyes fill with tears.  As I quickly wipe them dry and pray I remembered my water proof mascara I know that I found the perfect job for myself.  It is my job to capture those memories for my brides to remember for years to come.

So to celebrate our 4 years of committing to one another, we decided to go away for our anniversary.  This year we chose a road trip to the Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon.  If you didn’t know, Alex is an Engineer.  He is two steps away from being the smartest guy I have ever met.  So any chance I can let him geek out, I go all out.  So a tour of inside the Hoover Dam made me the best wife for the day.  It goes without saying that as photographers, we had our cameras along for the trip.  Here are a few images we snapped along the way on our Saturday Adventure: Anniversary Style!  🙂


We stopped along the way when we saw lightning in the distance, forgot how much I missed it!

Inside of the Hoover Dam = happiest hubby ever!

So neat to see in person!

Seriously love storms and the magic they create in the clouds!

So gorgeous. So many fury creatures. So much hiking!

Happy 4 year Anniversary & 8 years together!

Because of the nearby storms the rangers wouldn’t allow hiking below the rim but they had amazing trails all along the top edge to enjoy. I also loved how you get the choice of a protected ledge with a rail or the rocks that provide a straight drop off the edge of the canyon to enjoy the view. I’ll let you take a second to guess which one I preferred….

This is what pure happiness looks like.

Watching the sunset unfold over the Grand Canyon was one my favorite moments. It left me speechless. The whole canyon came alive with colors.

Witnessing something like this changes you. So grateful for this opportunity!



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