A perfect marriage between your photos and your legacy

I am a photographer first and a business woman second.  It’s true, I want you to get products with your images in them.  Not for the reason you think though.  There is almost no reason to pay a professional photographer all this money if all you are going to do with your images is share them on social media and get a few ”likes” out of them.  If you don’t plan on printing out your images, making a canvas for your living room or an album for you to thumb thru years after your wedding then I don’t think we can be friends.  I speak from experience that buying a wedding album in my photography package when Alex and I got married in 2009 was a great idea.  If we didn’t do it right when we booked our photographer, we probably wouldn’t have made it a priority to make one.  But I am still so happy with ours, it still gets looked at by guests that walk through our front door.  It is a special feeling looking at those memories again and not having to pull out a phone to share it.  Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great way to view, share and show off your images ( I want that, trust me) but I don’t want it to be where your memories stop.

Think about your kids down the road, maybe even your grandkids.  What will they have to look at 20 years from now?  This is your legacy we are talking about.  Okay, enough of my soapbox speech.  Let’s let this amazing and gorgeous professional albums from my favorite print lab speak for themselves.  🙂



Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

You can get your names, date or special message printed on the front.

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

Or write a special message in the back….both included in the price of an album in the packages and A la carte prices.

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

These albums lay flat so you don’t have to fight with the pages to sit down.  They are thick, no fear of them falling out.

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample AlbumsPhotography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample AlbumsPhotography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

Each album comes with a protective box to keep it safe when not being drooled over.  😉

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

See, even MY wedding album wants to play peek-a-boo!

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

For size comparison, the black album is an 8×8 (parent album), the Grey is a 10×10 which is included in the Pine collection.

Photography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample AlbumsPhotography-Wedding-Lexington-Kentucky-Wedding Photographer-Sample Albums

You can choose a linen (top), leather (middle) or custom image wrap (bottom) to cover your album.

Your choice, all the same cost.  🙂

SPOILER!  Your thumb drive MIGHT arrive in a box like this or with your names on the cover.

Your experience is completely personalized, from every email to every product delivered to you!

Come on over to my home and get your hands on these albums.

I’ll treat you to a coffee or glass of wine and we can go over all the details you want.

If you are lucky Bailey will share the chair with you.  😉

All albums in my collections get the option of a linen, leather or print image cover.

They come with 20 thick, durable pages.

Your name and wedding date can be printed on the cover if you wish, all included.

White Table is from Ikea.

Love-seat is from Ashley Furniture.

Blue ottoman is from Target.

Albums are from Millers Professional Imaging.



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