My Hospital Maternity Session

Never in a million years did I think that I would go into labor at 27 weeks with Elizabeth.  I went in for an ultrasound on February 15th and all hell broke loose.  During the ultrasound the technician was looking into a gap in the heart that we knew about, but thankfully she had said it healed itself and all was fine.  Then she kept zooming in and taking longer and longer.  She left the room and came back with a doctor.  The doctor mentioned she saw some activity that concerned her and used a lot of medical terms that looking back meant I was in labor and it was serious.  They sent me upstairs and immediately admitted me into the labor and delivery wing of the hospital.  At this point, we only knew we were having a girl. The nursery wasn’t started, a name was not picked and we hadn’t even done the pregnancy classes yet.  Once admitted, I was a wreck.  I was making horrible jokes, trying to ignore the fact that I was having contractions and my baby was at high risk of complications.  Once the nurses and doctors confirmed I was indeed in labor, they moved me from triage to a labor & delivery room.

Shit got real.

They hooked me up to magnesium, gave me steroid shots for baby girls lungs, put a catheter in me so I wouldn’t get up or move to cause more contractions.   Thank god I showered that day.  After 3 days my body started responding to the drugs and my contractions slowed down.  They moved me to the anti-partum wing where gals literally wait around on hospital bed rest waiting to pop.  It was horrible.  I was there for 3 weeks before my body had had enough of the drugs and Elizabeth popped out.  I was only allowed to get up from bed for 10 minutes to shower and brush my teeth.  All meals were eaten in bed.  One day my doctor arrived and I was sitting on the couch and she about lost her mind.  She said sitting upright could cause more problems.  So not only was I going stir crazy thinking about all the things I needed to do to start baby girls nursery, cancel my baby shower & order everything off of my registry since I could delivery at any point.  I also had an out of state wedding I was suppose to photograph.  Yep.  Wedding photography doesn’t stop for tiny humans.  I had to find a local photographer and pay her more than I actually made to make sure my clients were taken care of.  Luckily my clients were super sweet and understanding, but whew.  Not only that, the medications they were giving me to stop the contractions were making me see double and making my whole body shake.  Imagine being cold and shivering, that is what it was like and multiply that by about 20.  It was terrible.  So not only could I not get out of bed, but I couldn’t even watch tv, do crosswords, play on my phone or even eat a meal because I was so nauseous … was miserable.  But what I didn’t know was that a week before giving birth, two dear friends would come in and make one of my dreams come true.  Living in a hospital before birth isn’t ideal for so many reasons.  Every gal dreams of a magical maternity session.  I thought mine would be in the nursery looking at the crib set up and admiring the dresses hung up ready to be worn.  Nope.  That went out the window when that admittance bracelet was slapped on my wrist.  So here is how my maternity session really went down:  Vidy & Kelsey came to my hospital room and set up a backdrop.   Kelsey did my hair & make up while I laid in bed.  It was legit crazy.  But this is how magic happens out of chaos.  These amazingly talented ladies came and took my mind off of the insanity for the afternoon and made me feel normal again.  If you need a photographer, contact my friend Vidy.  And if you need someone for hair & make-up call Kelsey.  If they can make a chick in a hospital room look good, think about what they can do for you.  😉

Anyways.  Here are some of my favorites from when Kelsey and Vidy made me feel like a million bucks during my {scary} pregnancy at St. Joe East.  Now that Elizabeth is 9 months old and I can look back at the birth experience and laugh, I can truly appreciate just how special my friends are.  These ladies spent the afternoon glamming up a gal who was terrified and scared.  They not only gave me images that I will treasure forever.  They gave me the strength to push on another week enduring countless contractions and needles to keep that baby girl cooking inside a bit longer.  Thank you Vidy & Kelsey.  I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me that day.




Vidy is a genius and brought the pearl bracelet to cover up my hospital bracelets and IV bandage.  <3


Behind the scenes, yes I actually sat on a table.  My doctor would have flipped a lid had she known what was happening.  #oops




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