Lovebirds at UCLA

When the unexpected happens and you have an opportunity to do something you would have never thought possible at that point in your life, you go for it with all your heart and find out later if it was the right thing.  This opportunity was just that.  This wedding a few months ago was my first ever as an assistant/2nd shooter.  I saw a post looking for someone to carry bags at a wedding.  I jumped at the chance.  Not only because I love helping someone else out, but because I wanted to see what it was like from a photographers perspective at a wedding.  The whole time I couldn’t believe I was there.  I know, a wedding made me star struck…don’t judge!  But the amazing Shani of Don’t Smile Now gave me the chance to find out what I’m made of and let me shoot throughout the day.  I LOVED it.  I was nervous, sweaty and had butterflies all day.  I cried through the vows & toasts, I ate at the vendor table and went home with blisters on my feet from running around for 8+hours but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I finally found what makes my heart melt and my soul speak.  So here are a few photos from my first wedding as a “wedding photographer”.  AHH!  That just gave me butterflies.  Seriously, find what you love and GO FOR IT!!  <3


The amazing Trevor & Gwynne at UCLA




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