Anna & Grady’s Special Day

When a bride & groom make the decision to add on an additional photographer for their big day it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Not only because it gives me the opportunity to come along as Michael Fletcher‘s 2nd shooter and photograph Anna & Grady’s wedding.  But it gives this wonderful bride & groom another person’s perspective to enjoy for years to come.  Working along side someone like Michael is what makes me want to be a better photographer.  He was in such a groove from doing so many weddings.  I admire the photographers in our industry who work hard to give the clients the best and you can tell Michael knows his craft.  Looking forward to working with him again!

This couple beamed happiness and this is the sort of wedding where you can’t hold back the tears.  As I followed the bride & groom out to capture those ”just married” moments, the bride looked at me and we had a moment.  She saw my tears and wiped them away.  It was precious.  No words shared, just a moment that I knew she knew I loved my job.  We laughed and went on with the photos.  My heart not only was a melted mess, but my soul was touched.  When I say I LOVE shooting weddings, it is coming from my heart and soul.  So here is what I captured from Anna & Grady’s special day.  Just a note on how special this day was to them, Grady had said during their wedding ”Thank you all for coming, I know it is unusual to attend a Tuesday wedding but there is special meaning to this.  You see, yesterday was my birthday and Wednesday is Anna’s birthday so we decided to have Tuesday be ”our day”.”  Seriously.  How do you not ”awwww” that?!  Okay, now onto the important things….the photos!!


It was clear from the moment I walked in the door that this was no ordinary mother daughter relationship. So precious!

A bride with champagne goes hand in hand in my eyes. So much to celebrate!

Simply gorgeous!

Seeing a happy bride makes my heart skip a beat. Seeing a gorgeous happy bride giddy over small details makes my heart melt.

Such a fun and gorgeous group of ladies!

That vail, oh that vail. So pretty. Can you tell she loved it?

Such a precious moment. Grady committed to loving and taking care of two special ladies that day.

Try and wipe that smile away, I dare you!

And we finished the night off with a live band that was absolutely amazing and hysterical!? L-O-V-E!




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