About Me!

My name is Kristen Burtch and I am a hopeless romantic.  My background is Psychology and Business, but now I have found a way to combine my love of photography and turn that into a way for others to feel good about themselves.  I am a wife, mom and a wedding photographer.  I can spend the entire day sipping coffee and wondering Target.  My husband means more to me than words could EVER describe, he is my rock, inspiration and pep to my step.  My dog is my 2nd love, we adopted her May 2013, she is so spoiled with morning walks and trips to the bark park.  My daughter was born March 7, 2016.  She arrived 9 weeks early, so this mama knows how to handle chaos in uncertain times.

My photography is all about finding what you love and capturing it for you to enjoy for years to come.  We can find a way to bring what you love together with an artistic flair.  Seeing someone passionate about something seriously brings tears to my eyes.  So if you are a 5am yoga nut and want to capture that, I am there!

Burtch Photography is my voice. A picture is so much more than a click of the shutter. It is a moment, stopped in time, for you and others to enjoy for years to come. A photo shoot with me is not just about that one day. It is a chance to share your memory with friends and family.

Join me for a shoot and lets capture those moments together!

Below are some photos of ME.  eek!  I try keep my pictures updated so I can be reminded what my clients feel being in front of the camera.  It’s intimidating.  I get it.  But I promise.  With the right attitude and outfit, you can have pictures that will make you feel gorgeous!