A Love Story, One Bourbon Tour at a Time. A Woodford Reserve Proposal.

When Travis called me and asked if I photograph proposals, my heart skipped a beat.  I couldn’t say yes fast enough and I just prayed I was available when he planned to pop the question.  Sure enough everything worked out.  You see, proposals are like my photography ”bucket list” type of session.  The excitement, the fear of getting caught, the anticipation…it is everything and more of what my photography is all about.  Travis had it all planned out.  He booked out the whole tour group at the Woodford Reserve Distillery for a more intimate Saturday tour with a group of his friends for his ”birthday”.  He had one of his friends candidly give me tickets to the tour beforehand.  It was all happening to perfection.  Then, I saw Travis get extra fidgety at one of the locations he said he might propose and I just knew it was about to happen.  I brought my hubby along as a decoy so I acted like I was taking a picture of him and then he and I went all paparazzi on the moment.  This session was everything and more and filled my heart with so much happiness.  Being side by side doing what I love with my talented husband.  Being there to document such a precious chapter in Travis and his now, fiancé Nicole’s life.  I was a giddy school girl and I am so grateful the stars aligned to bring Travis to my website and choose me to document it for them.





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